With DYNAS slowing-down is  a pleasure…

Thanks to an optimized ratio among all mixing components, DYNAS brake pads can grant a safe product, noiseless, with good performances during all product life cycle.

All DYNAS brake pads are tested accordingly strict standards defined by the European Regulation ECER90, which guarantee that performances are in line with prescriptions for each vehicle.

Brake-pads engineered for a safe and confortable braking

The high thermal conductivity of metallic components allows to dissipate heat more quickly, so brake pads can work at medium-high temperatures keeping steady friction parameters.

Sideward chamfers, cutting and anti-vibration shims, provided for applications which their use is required, help to make braking comfortable and safe.

Attention to all details

DYNAS supply products with attention to the smallest details, in a simple and styling packaging.

The sturdy box is sealed to ensure its integrity up to the final user.

With DYNAS, slowing down is a pleasure…